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ChatLicense is a family app. A smartphone experience game for kids and teens, with a portal for (grand)parents. Connecting generations and guiding them to use screens responsibly and resiliently. Are you ready to outsmart your phone? Get to know this new online world together!

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For kids & teens..

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Kids and teens learn how to use their smartphone in ChatCity. Different scenarios simulate real life events and dilemmas, teaching you how to be in charge of the device and your sanity.

This smartphone experience game combines interactive animations, films, explainer videos & quizzes to earn points in the four ChatLicense Skills: Chat, Creator, Safety & Sanity. As you progress in ChatCity you will become ready for the apps that your parents approved for you to unlock with ChatLicense: chat apps, internet browser apps, games and social media apps.

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.. and for adults

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Adults use ChatLicense as an information portal to help them understand the new generation's online world. Which games and apps do they use and what should you know about them? Are there online trends you can join in on or need to be aware of? How do you balance control, freedom and privacy? With ChatLicense you know at a glance. Up-to-date, short & snappy information helps you to determine which apps you think are suitable for your child. And to have meaningful family talks together about the online world, where parents and children walk around in very different bubbles.


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Curious, confident & clicksmart

  1. How do you stay happy online?
  2. Learn to deal with group apps, socials and gaming
  3. Maintain sane digital habits
  4. And feel cybersafe?
  5. ChatLicense is here for you!
A smiling emoji face“Our mission? Happy cyber vibes!”