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Getting your first smartphone is a thing. It is exciting to become part of the online world, but social & safety challenges are around the corner as well. It is time to take control of how technology is affecting all of us. Because all kids deserve a happy and healthy online life!

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First timers

We start our app for first time mobile phone users. Real-life scenarios simulate different events and dilemmas, teaching you social skills, how to stay in charge of the device and your sanity. The emphasis is on digital identity and basic cybersafety. How to go safely online? How to behave in a group app, how can a message come across, how and with whom do you share photos? Are your gaming habits sane? What links should you NOT click? Real or fake? What about influencers and AI? Year round of your subscription new content drops will follow.


After one year you have more smartphone experience, so you are ready for Season 2. ChatLicense shows the beauty of the internet but also addresses toxic screen behaviour and influencer culture, shaming, sexting, scamming and addiction. You learn to recognize these situations - so you know what to do when it happens in real life.

Parents and grandparents

In the Parent Portal you will gain insights about the skills your child is learning. Besides that it's up to you to gain some new knowledge and insights about your child's online world. From a step-by-step plan for the first mobile phone to all basic information about the most important themes such as phishing, fake news, safety, cyberbullying and much more. We keep you informed of all the latest trends. All in one app.