About ChatLicense

ChatLicense is an online guide. For both kids ánd parents in one app. Together you will discover the new online world that comes with your child's first mobile phone.

A swoosh

Our method

ChatLicense adds a crucial new step to children's smartphone "career", which start mostly at elementary school. This step is based on two principles. First of all, it is connection. Parent and child must connect in order to realize confident, curious and clicksmart online behavior. Therefore both the child and the parent are involved in the app.

In addition, we work from a scientifically based learning method. The smartphone experience game is based on the scientifically validated ChatLicense Impact Model, with a unique combination of interactive animations and film, explainer videos and quizzes. Content is created together with techies, gamers, comedians, children's authors, filmmakers and specialists in psychology and cybersecurity. And to make sure we get it right, we work closely with university researchers in media-savvy behaviour and a community of parents and children who provide input and feedback.