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ChatLicense is a family app. A smartphone diploma game for kids and teens, with a dashboard for (grand)parents. Connecting generations and helping them to use screens responsibly and resiliently. How are your social skills? Are you ready to outsmart your phone?

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Curious, confident & clicksmart

  1. How do you stay happy online?
  2. Learn to deal with group apps, socials and gaming
  3. Maintain sane digital habits
  4. And feel cybersafe?
  5. ChatLicense is here for you!
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What can you expect?

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ChatLicense combines animation, film, education & interactive quizzes to guide children in dealing with their smartphone. Meanwhile it also helps (grand)parents understand the new generation's online world, through a dashboard with short & snappy information about popular apps and conversation starters. Parents approve desired apps as virtual app store owners, after which kids can unlock them by earning points in ChatCity.

A rocketLaunch Q3 2023

For kids, teens and (grand) parents

First timers

Season 1 is for first time mobile phone users. Real-life scenarios simulate different events and dilemmas, teaching you social skills, how to stay in charge of the device and your sanity. The emphasis is on digital identity. How to behave in a group app, how can a message come across, how and with whom do you share photos? What is real or fake?


From Season 2 to more experienced smartphone users, ChatLicense shows the beauty of the internet but also addresses toxic screen behaviour, shaming, sexting, scamming and addiction. You learn to recognize these situations - so you know what to do when it happens in real life.

Parents and grandparents

Adults use ChatLicense as an always up to date guide. You learn about the online world of your children and how to keep up with them. What games and apps are they using, are there online trends you can join in on or need to be aware of? How do you balance control, freedom and privacy? ChatLicense keeps you informed and works as a conversation starter to enable meaningful family talks.

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The ChatLicense game is a real life family conversation starter about:

  • Communication do’s and don’ts
  • Social Media
  • Real vs Fake, online manipulation
  • AI revolution and impact
  • Gaming
  • Cyber security
  • Digital habits

Our story

Getting your first smartphone is a thing. It is exciting to become part of the online world, but social & safety challenges are around the corner as well. It is time to take control of how technology is affecting all of us. ChatLicense adds an essential new step to our smartphone 'career', for a happy and healthy online life. To get it right, we engage with techies and gamers, comedians, writers and specialists in child psychology & cybersecurity. Validated by behavioural scientists in media studies.

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ChatLicense is being built now - launch in Dutch and English will be in Q3 of 2023. Do you want to stay informed? Or already receive tips & trics? Sign up below!

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